Back in 2011 during a vacation to Aruba after one or two (maybe more) drinks in a great beach bar we thought (as many do) - wouldn't it be great to give it all up and open a beach bar and forget the rest of the world. 

So we started our adventure, first off, where? Our jobs were a bit information analytical, so we built a spreadsheet of the islands and pros and cons (the usual stuff)

• Hurricane Risk
• Nasty Sharks
• Nasty Bugs
• Immigration
• Property purchase
• Infrastructure

Surprisingly enough a place we never heard off came up, Turks and Caicos amongst some other beautiful islands.  So after a bit more digging and traveling, we decided to go to TCI on vacation, landed, loved it and bought a house and went back to work in Europe, Phase 1 completed, tick.  

Phase 2 – MOVE, this one took another year of hard corporate slog and planning, but then the time came to actually pull the trigger (yes we had a house, a concept but no bar and location secured) - so off into the big wide unknown which we knew would somehow work out!!!! – Although harder than this was explaining to our friends that we weren’t actually moving to TURKEY but Turks & Caicos and then explaining where that actually is.

End of Feb 2014 - yes we resigned, bye bye beautiful Switzerland and hello paradise. Just the small matter of packing up the house, the “kids”, etc….. 

July 2014 – Advance party arrives into an inferno, hmmm we hadn’t actually been to the island in mid summer and just leaving relatively cool Europe into mid summer island temperature was a bit of a shock... 
1 week later, Helene, cat and dog, fresh off flights from Switzerland via Miami, happy family all re-united and Anguilla’s first swim in the ocean (plus a few, “what have you done to me” evil stares from the cat)

Aug 2014 – Container and “Blue” our vintage scooter arrive, Cuba’s cat tree is unpacked, he finally understands this is now home and gets comfortable


Sept 2014 – A few of weeks getting used to our new life (and having some of Anguilla’s fur removed) we started with Phase 3 (aka paying for this life), getting a location for our venture and getting our concept developed further.
After some back and forward with a potential location (not favourable) we found a great opportunity, so we took it. 

Fast Forward December 2014 – Construction of the kitchen and restroom structure underway and “My Super Lady” was resurrected from trash status to bar and delivered to site (to much amusement and confusion of the passers by)

March 2015 - The Landing finally opened for business, now the adventure (and hard work) really begins



Aug 2018 - Some of our guests reminded us that we haven't provided any updates to our story :-) Sorry about that - well a lot of guests have been through our gate since our opening and we are so happy to see the many returning guests year after year which only proves to us we made the right decision on our future. A special thank you to those who support us and for all your great Tripadvisor reviews, really means a lot to us.

The impacts of both hurricane Irma and Maria were far reaching and thankfully The Landing sustained very little damage and was quickly restored to its pre storm condition, that being said the islands recovery to normality with the full inbound flights took a little longer whilst hotels impacted resumed normal operations.  These are some resilient islands and the spreadsheet we put together proved largely right on the infrastructure front, having the right construction approach and utility infrastructure meant that we could recover quickly. But......we don't need to see another hurricane for a while :-)

Dec 2018 - The festive season is finally upon us and is shopping up to be a warm and sunny one for all our cold climate guests. From all at The Landing we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Thanks to all our patrons who have supported us through 2018 and we definitely hope to see you all in 2019!!!!!

July 2019 - Summer is officially here and the temperatures are rising, so stay cool with one of our delicious frozen cocktails.